One love

6 09 2015

Given my One Law to Rule Them All stance, it’s really no surprise what I think of this whole Kim Davis situation:

Do your fucking job, and if you can’t do your fucking job, resign.

This is not even close to a hard call.

At least one good thing, however, and however temporarily, has come out of this: Sitnexto Kim Davis.

Now that is how you do parody.

It’s gonna be another long one tonight

6 09 2015

Where has the time gone?

A mere 365 nights ago was J’Ouvert, the annual midnight parade, and so it returns once again.

I try to be decent about this, I do, but come 4:30 in the morning and yet another band is pounding its way down Nostrand, and I get a little crabby.

Still, it’s a good neighborhood, it is. I tell myself this over and over: it’s a decent place to live.

Except the night before Labor Day.