Who look at your face from more than one angle

29 12 2016

Short bit: alllla these pieces about the need to empathize with the whiteworkingclass?

How many by women? How many about women?

I really don’t know—there might be plenty—but I haven’t seen pundit pieces to this effect. Reporting, yes—Arlie Hochschild, Larissa MacFarquhar, Patricia Lockwood—but counsel to ‘Be nice’? Nope.

Instead, what I’ve seen has been white women calling out white women for voting for Trump. Samantha Bee, Jen Graves, the (mostly-but-not-only-white) women at Jezebel.

Yes, there are plenty of white liberals and leftists of all sexes willing to go after whites of all sexes for voting for or not caring they’re voting for whiteness-first, but the genre of sympathy-for-the-WWC seems to be written largely by and about white men.

Nope, don’t know what this means, but I bet it means something.


h/t Emily Nussbaum, who’s been relentless in pointing out on Twitter how few analyses of Trump’s win/Clinton’s loss takes sex seriously, and Marcus H. Johnson, Oliver Willis, Jamelle Bouie, Jamilah Lemieux, and many, many others who’ve highlighted how simple-minded so many of the ‘be kind’ pieces are.




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29 12 2016

I think liberals wrongly only associate the angry masses as men, lots of angry ladies out there too, clearly there was some degree of misogyny and the like at play but how to really sort out how much and what if anything to do about it? I find most election analysis turning out to show the analysts pet-peeves where the vital piece to understanding the whole thing, I’m more interested in how many liberals who are deep into the studies of gender issues, race issues, etc, were so blindsided by this election, clearly all that talk/research is somehow disconnected from reality for them and what (if anything may just be personality types trumping, pardon the pun, education/information) can we do to bridge this vital gap?

31 12 2016

That’s what makes this all so difficult: so many pieces, which importance varied from state to state, population to population. And yeah, the “it’s THIS thing that cost HRC the election” analyses are more revealing of the analysts than of what happened.

I’m not surprised (as a woman) by women voting against women, but I was knocked back by how many white people didn’t care about Trump’s racism. It’s not that I thought most white people were anti-racist, but I did think such explicit racism would be a dealbreaker. Got that one horribly wrong.

2 01 2017

that’s what I’m wondering about how do folks like yourself who are well studied in the deep and institutionalized racism of our nation as well as the poisons of capitalism end up so surprised by this and what if anything can we do to help folks to get a grip on how bad things really are? Is the general population just too bent towards optimism and myths of Progress to grasp the “butcher’s block” of history as TNC laid out about Obama?

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