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15 02 2017

What a pain in the ass.

Buying a new computer, that is, or, more directly, trying to figure out which computer to buy.

I’m going low-end full-on laptop (non-gaming), meaning something in the $500-700 range. I thought I’d found a month or so ago what I wanted to buy, but tonight as I was clicking around, I got caught up in this review and that and ohmymotherpuppinggoddess by the end I was convinced that no matter what I’d choose, I’d choose wrong.


Anyway, I think I’m going to go with what I’d originally settled on. It seems to have the combination of features I want, it’s at the lower end of the price range, and, y’know, given that this baby is 8 1/2 years old, anything I get will be better and faster than what I’m used to.

So tomorrow (payday!), or Friday, I’ll finally hit BUY. Then I’ll worry. Then it’ll arrive. Then I’ll instantly love/hate it. Then I’ll get used to it and it’ll be fine.

All of this agita for . . . and it’ll be fine. Shees.




4 responses

16 02 2017

YASSS! Payday is tomorrow for me as well, & I somehow managed to have the day off. Post pictures of your new tech child.

16 02 2017

i have an acer (recommended by a techie friend) and it’s fine for what i do

16 02 2017

I really trust the Wirecutter for these kinds of things, and they agree with your choice:
So, you’re good to go!

16 02 2017

@dmf, Christopher: Thanks for the reassuring news. I did, in fact, buy this tonight, along with a new router (don’t even know how old the old one is); b/c I’m cheap, the order arrive until prob the end of next week.

Of course, now that’s it’s ordered, my already-slow current machine is going to seem eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeven sloooooooooooooower. That’s fine, I guess: it’ll provide quite the contrast to the new one!

@otcsw: You can see it at the link. Honestly, it’s not much to look at—it’s a cheapish laptop—but its looks don’t put me off, either. Besides, when I’m not using it, it’ll be under a dust cover (which is nice-ish to look at).

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