Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning

14 07 2019

I am a dope.

I hate hot weather, hate being sticky, own an air conditioner, muscled that air conditioner into a window a week or so ago, and. . . I don’t use it.

I hate being hot and sticky and have a way to be neither and I don’t take it.

Right now I’m sitting in my chair with a fan propped in a window and angled toward me. Still, I’ve got my shirt half rolled up and if I move a body part even a smidge out of the blowing air it will start to sweat.

It’s not that bad out, actually: temps should fall below 70 overnight and it’s not humid, so sleep (with, again, the fan angled toward me in bed) should be fine. It’s just that it takes awhile longer for the cool of the outside to push aside the day’s accumulated heat.

And tomorrow, tomorrow shouldn’t be bad, either. Tuesday will suck, and Wednesday, even more so; my line for turning on the a/c is over 90 and humid during the day, over 75 and humid at night, and it looks like that line might be breached.

And yet odds are even that I’ll rely on my fan to wave around hot air rather than shut the windows and let the a/c clear out all concerns about the weather.

So, yeah, I’m a dope.




2 responses

14 07 2019

is it the cost that keeps you from this particular respite?
that’s what I struggle with after a childhood of indoctrination into the poverty-mindset of my dad’s own broke youth, but these dog days with “feels like” temps near 100 I’ve begun to give myself a break and hope you can find the means to be kind to yerself and that the power is there when you need it.

16 07 2019

Nah, it’s not the cost: my apartment is small and I set the temp in the mid-upper 70s, so even running it around the clock for a few days or a week doesn’t set me back too much.

I think it’s mostly that I got used to suffering in the summer—we didn’t have a/c growing up, and I didn’t get one (which hot, fed-up, visiting friends actually bought) until 10 years ago—so I stubbornly, stupidly, refuse to not-suffer until I REALLY can’t take it.

All of that said, tonight the low is supposed to be 76 and the rest of the week in the muggy 90s, so, yeah, I fired that fucker up.

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