Don’t walk away EILEEN

27 08 2011

Yeah, I was thinkin’ that I had the song title wrong on the last post. Knew it was a Sam Roberts gig, but couldn’t quite get the right name (and was too lazy to get up and check my cds).

As I was falling asleep last night, the right name came to me.

Roberts is a Montrealer, and I first encountered him, duh, when I lived in Montreal. Saw one of his shows at a bar just east of downtown. Very energetic, very smoky.

This is one of my favorite song of his:

This is the other one:

(And check out his official YouTube site; for some reason, I couldn’t post his  vids—where you can really see his sense of humor—from there.)

What can I say: scruffy stoner Canadian boys with a sense of humor do it for me.