All blue

16 09 2008

Picked up the new computer today. After dicking around with Dell and DHL, I just went to the depot and picked up the damned thing myself.

So pretty. So blue. So so so much faster. I can actually watch YouTube clips now!

Now if I can just figure out how to activate the Filemaker and WordPerfect programs I copied from my external hard drive. I have the disks (christ, I THINK they’re cds and not old floppies), but I added various macroses (sp?) and am too lazy to repeat them.

Hm. I’ll figure this out. Hell, I managed to copy all my bookmarks from the first-best browser on the old machine (right before I uninstalled it) to the external hard drive and then to the Sleek Newcomer.

Then again, this sucker has Vista, so who knows what’ll happen.

Still. So pretty. So blue.