As sure as your sorrows are joys

26 04 2019

Reading something else, I came across this, and decided, what the hell, let’s listen:

That’s nice. Long, languid, a bit of a urgency, then easing back; fits a late-night mood.


I didn’t know much about Traffic, so wasn’t really a fan, but my college therapist, N, was.

I remember her referring to “Stevie Winwood.”

Stevie. I knew “Steve Winwood,” who’d come out with a solo album in the ’80s. I had a copy, and must have mentioned it to her.

Huh, I just looked him up on YouTube, and one of the suggestions was for “Arc of a Diver.” I think that was the song she mentioned, described to me. I can still see her motioning her arm over.

That wasn’t my song, though.

It’s not that I was a huge Steve Winwood fan, but there was one night, at the Regent St Retreat, when “Higher Love” came on, and I just, I just danced.

In a time I mostly stumbled, this night, a regular week-day night, after work, I just danced, closing my eyes and wrapped in the glow of the dance floor lights.

I don’t know if I told N that—I told her so few good things—but wouldn’t it be nice if this was what I mentioned to N, that this is what prompted her to tell me about her own fondness for Stevie Winwood.

I’d like to think that this was something good that we shared.


All things weird and wonderful, 21

25 06 2012

I am not a visually-oriented person—or, at least, I’ve gotten into the habit of describing myself as a not-visually-oriented person—but there are some images which cannot be contained by words:

That little boy in the red shorts. . . !

(Photo by Thomas L. Kelly; ripped out of an old, old Harper’s magazine.)

All things weird and wonderful, 13

24 12 2011

Leapin’ lemurs!

Verreaux sifaka photo by Robyn Gianni/Nat Geo Photo of the Day

Okay, so she looks like she’s dancing (or maybe skipping) more than leaping, but still!

Those sifakas are somethin’ else.