All things weird and wonderful, 10

4 12 2011

Critters, critters, everywhere, in shapes we I could not have dreamed up, yet they exist.

Nature is amoral, red in tooth and claw, fragile, a human construct, scary, comforting, everything all around us. . . whatever else nature is, she is a mother:

Southern white rhino photo credit: The Wilds

Giraffe photographer: Tibor Jager

Malayan tapir photo credit: Edinburgh Zoo

Okapi photo Credit: Julie Larsen Maher

Distant cousins. . .

Emperor tamarins photo credit: Drusillas Park

Cotton-topped tamarins photo credit: Drusillas Park

. . . and near cousins:

Orangutan photo Credit: Tad Motoyama

Gorilla photo credit: Wilhelma Zoo

I take nothing away from religious people, who find gods in all the weird wonder in the world, but I see all at this of the world, of nature, of existing for no other reason than existence itself.

Nature has no need of god, nor does one need god for wonder.

That’s not an argument for or against god, but an observation that there is already so much, on its own, already here.

(All photos from ZooBorns.)