Mexican kids are shootin’ fireworks below

4 07 2019

We shamble on. . .

But since we also have kids in cages and adults bundled like fasces behind walls:

There’s much to like about this country, much to celebrate, but if you’re not also angry and ashamed, then I wonder about the nature of your celebration.

As for the rest of us: let us take what is good and use it like a lever to overturn what is not.

Mexican kids are shootin’ fireworks below

4 07 2017

No great reason for being gone—work, travel—but now I’m back.

In the meantime, something for our time.

Baby, take a walk outside

4 07 2016

It’s time:

Camus’s take on the US, via John Doe and Exene’s uncertain harmony.

Hey baby, it’s the fourth of July

4 07 2014

Oh, it just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

Well, hell, on this fine day of independence (in declaration, if not fact), why not some X to remind us of what a long, strange trip we’re on?

Okay, so Exene may have gone off her rocker, but haven’t/won’t we all?

Here’s to weird old America. . . .

So dry your tears and baby walk outside

4 07 2013

It’s the fourth of July!

I know some folks disdain later X as too poppy, but when your pop is as rough and jangly and heartfelt and angry and sad and what-the-hell as this, it should be sung to, not sneered at.

And, y’know, given Exene’s flexible relationship to pitch, it’s the kind of song everyone can sing to and get it right.