Hanging on the telephone

18 03 2016

So I’ve finally got a smartphone—budget, natch.

There will be much swearing in the Absurd household this weekend as I attempt to figure out how the damnable thing works.

Call me

2 03 2016

So I’m in the process of looking for a cheap smartphone, and I gotta say, it is not making me happy.

Not just because “cheap” is more expensive than cheap should be, but also because I don’t really know what I’m looking for in terms of specs and plans.

Well, okay, it does look like the Moto G 3rd gen is the multiply-recommended cheap phone (~$200), but it’s not compatible with Verizon, so I’d have to find a new carrier.

I don’t mind leaving Verizon (brand loyalty for suckers and all that, plus I’m paying too goddamned much for them), and it looks like T-Mobile will work, but I’m not at all clear how to switch to T-Mobile on a phone I’m not currently using.

(And if you’re about to say “SIM card!” I can only respond, Yeah, I get that, except that I don’t get that.)

Yes, I know, I can work this all out—I’ve worked shit out before—but this is how I get (pissy, frustrated, incoherently swear-y) when I don’t get something.

But once I get it, I’m fine.

It’s the rhetoric of failure

17 04 2013

Ghosting is not going well.

Oh, Imma writin’ away, but apparently getting too far away from where the author wants me to go.

It seems like the directions he’s giving keep changing, which frustrates me; that I am unable to take his directions frustrates him. Oy.

He’s a good guy, and I want to give him good work; he’s also hard up against a deadline, so there’s a certain urgency to our getting this sorted. We’ll work it out.

Still, this particular ghost is tired of banging into walls.

Stop me, oh ho ho stop me

17 07 2011

I am fucked. Fuckity fucked fucked fucked.

And if it’s not completely my fault, well, it’s damn sure that had I been less of an idiot, I might not be quite so fucked as I am now.


Same old shit: how many times on this blog have I moaned about all that I don’t do? And what have I done as a result?

Yeah, you got it: bupkis.

I used to keep a journal, but it’s been years since I’ve bothered with one. The blog is no substitute for a journal, but certainly there were some topics which could overlap with a journal.

Methinks I need to go back to journal writing, mainly because I can repeat myself and repeat myself and repeat myself and not worry about it because nobody else is going to read it. It works as a kind of practice: go over and over and over and over and over something until that something moves, until I figure out how to move.

I’ve said previously that there was some stuff I needed to work through, but just thinking about it hasn’t been enough. I need to write this shit out.

You, however, don’t need to read it all. I might get all meta on you and report on this process, but, for your sake and mine, I’ll stop me since you’ve heard this all before.