Get up, stand up

25 06 2014

I look forward to SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES John Boehner filing a lawsuit against President Obama for, uh, presidenting.

After all, what other options does the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES  have in dealing with a president?

Sure, it’s possible that some incompetent bastard who slid thru the confirmation process might allow the suit to go forward, but it is far more likely that the judge, after s/he stops laughing, would gavel down the suit and yell at the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES to get out of her/his courtroom, quit wasting everyone’s time,  go back to Congress and do his job.

Hell, I’d pay five bucks for a seat in the courtroom to see that happen.


Rock the casbah

25 05 2014

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is floating the idea of privatizing the Department of Veterans Affairs following multiple reports of abuses and delays of care at the agency. “I still like the idea, and especially now,” Boehner said in response to a question from the Columbus Dispatch about whether he still supported turning over veterans’ care to the free market. Boehner had considered the option “more than two decades ago,” reporter Jessica Wehrman notes.


This is an excellent idea: whenever a public entity falls short, let’s privatize it.

Along those same lines, whenever a private entity falls short, let’s socialize it!

So, WellsFargo screws homeowners with bad mortgages? Credit Suisse enables tax evasion? Socialize all banks!

Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns mismanages investment funds? Socialize all investment houses!

Wall Street tanks the economy? SOCIALIZE WALL STREET!

Isn’t this fun? To what else can we apply this logic?

GM hides killer defects? Socialize all car companies!

Merck markets Vioxx based on falsified studies? Socialize pharma!

Food recalls? Socialize agribusiness!

Wardrobe malfunctions? Low ratings? Oil spills? Mine collapses? Chem plant explosions? This could go on forever!

Thanks, John Boehner, for your most excellent reasoning skills.