Oh my love, oh my Antonia

20 09 2009

How could I have left Emmylou Harris off my initial list of duets? Especially since she’s collaborated with so many different singers?

My Antonia is a song she did with Dave Matthews, from her album Red Dirt Girl. I’m not a big Dave Matthews fan, but his gritty tenor binds beautifully with Emmylou’s high alto.

Hm. I wonder what Emmylou would sound like with Eddie Vedder.

Or Emmylou and Bill Withers.

For a completely different sound, would Jello Biafra have deigned to sing with the Violent Femmes?

(Ohp, another thought: Emmylou and Sammy Llanas of the BoDeans. Sorry: Milwaukee on my mind.)

And, of course: Courtney Love and the Sex Pistols. Absolutely—if they didn’t kill each other.

Nick Drake and Hem. Could be really good, or really awful.

Beth Orton and DJ Spooky. Please please please somebody produce this cd.

Lisa Gerrard and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Tricky and Robbie Robertson.

Tricky and Jane Birkin.

Exene Cervenka and John Doe. Oh, wait. . . .

EmilyH suggested Rick Astley and Nirvana. Dunno ’bout that one, Em. (May I call you Em?)

Then again, it would be hard to top Miss Piggy and Peaches, the profane Canadian artist—definitely NSFW, but totally worth any nasty looks from scandalized coworkers.