Karma police

9 09 2008

So I have sent out e-mail to a few (erm, more than a few) friends telling them about this blog.

I want readers.

But but but, I worry about readers who know me. Caught.

I want to be read, but not caught. To reveal without being revealed.

Yeah, I know: good luck with that.

My only hope is that my invited readers do not, in fact, read this.

So one way I deal with this neurosis is to badger these same readers into writing their own blogs. Come on! I say, write something! (Don’t leave me hanging out here all alone!)

Then I calm down, and say, What the hell. And I want my friends to write for the same what-the-hell reasons. And I want to hear what they have to say.

So what the hell. Start a blog. Post sketches and films and photos and weird and wonderful bits of whatever.

It’s only life.