OK Computer

11 09 2008

Or not.

I was going to go with a couple of Poi Dog Pondering references (Tall & Building) for this post, but then—surprise!—the browser went poof. So Radiohead again.

I can go for about ten minutes before second-best browser (first-best browser was uninstalled, due to memory issues) ducks out back for a pack of cigarettes and never returns. Sometimes it says something like Hey, the application aljfd has failed before it waves itself away; other times it slinks silently into the night.

Oh yeah, this computer knows it’s about to be sent across the cyber sea (in its handsome computer briefcase!), unlikely ever to be recalled to duty, and is sabotaging itself with every bit of its being.

I respect that. Obnoxious, but I’m all in favor of the die-on-your-feet than live-on-your-knees ethos.

Still, no mercy. As soon as the new is in, old is out.

As for Tall/Building(s), I was walking with my friends and coworkers (Job3) around the Wall Street area, and mentioned that even though I knew New Yorkers (and I am one, now) were supposed to look down or straight ahead, I loved to look up.

How could I not, especially in the financial district, with all these magnificent old buildings erected by long-dead capitalist rotters? Fuck that, L. said. I look up all the time. Me too, said S. S. grew up on Long Island, and L.? I dunno, he could be a native New Yorker. Anyway, they didn’t care about the tourist-New Yorker distinction. And we all agreed that while we may not have liked what happened (or still happens) in these buildings, we’re glad that this area hasn’t been Times Squared.

So why not look up? There’s so much to see!

(And no, no lessons please. This is only meant literally.)