Bomp beep bomp bmml

30 10 2008

Tricked into creating a blog and coerced into NaNoWriMo. Curse you, C.! (No Facebook, tho’, no way no how.)

I have been much less successful tricking or coercing anyone else into creating a blog (J.: a movie blog—really!), but I have at least passed along the NaNoWriMo virus. I mentioned something to Jss. at Job3 and she just about leapt off the sidewalk in excitement. She writes (wants to write, starts writing, . . .), but hasn’t brought any long pieces to completion; NNWM is just the kick in the pants she’s lookin’ for.

Oh, Jss. also said that she’d blog if she had a horse. Why not pretend you have one, I said, and blog about that? You could call it ‘IfIHadAPony’ (after that dopey Lyle Lovett song), and go from there. I think she thought I was joking.

I’m not.

Or a bunch of us could put together a community blog called ‘IfIHadA’ and invite anyone to contribute their own ifs. Could be fun.

And you could run it, C. Serve you right.