4 11 2008

The South Street Seaport is fake fake fake.

Walking past the Abercrombie & Fitch and Ann Taylor and all the other crappy chain stores huddled around what used to be an actual working location, I felt like Elaine Benes, punching out an air ballot of her fake orgasms with Jerry: fake fake fake fake.

Ever been to Faneuil Hall in Boston? Used to be real, now it, too, is fake. A tourist suck, designed to hoover out the pockets of those yearning for a glimpse of history.

At least Times Square doesn’t bother with the pretense of authenticity.

Anyway, as crappy as the Seaport is, you can at least get some nice views of the East River, the Red Hook docks, and, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge:


The Manhattan Bridge is partially obscured by pont Brooklyn, but you can glimpse the Williamsburg Bridge in the background:


Yeah, I’d like shots of the sun on bridges, but gray mornings suit me, too.

Besides, if I wanted sun, I’d live in California.

Okay, one last shot, down Wall Street:


Yes, this shot of Trinity Church is an iconic one, but who am I to argue with iconography?