There must be a passion in the language

11 11 2008

NaNoWriMo is stealing my time and leaving me out of sorts.


Okay, so I’m doing this to myself, and I’m glad to be writing again, but I’m not at all sure this exercise is good for me. It’s all about the word count, so I find myself adding adjectives and adverbs just to boost the numbers. Yeah, I tell myself, when I go back and edit this sucker down to a novella, I’ll take out all that excess. Still.

And still again: It’s nice to know I can crank when I have to. I’m behind (of course), but zipping out over a thousand words an hour is cool. Some of these words are crap, but I got them out.

And still for a third time: I wonder if I’ve permanently lost my poetry mojo.

Ah, hell, two years ago I didn’t know I had novels in me, so maybe the poetry is taking a snooze, somewhere about my third vertebra.

I am missing the blog, however. Another way of thinking, on pause.