And you will know us by the trail of dead

31 12 2008

Time to take sides: you started it! No, you started it! No, you started it!

You made me do it. No, you made me do it.

A rocket an airstrike a bomb in a cafe a demolished home a sniper a sniper a suicide bomber on a bus a tank blast and this is what you get.

What? I’m not saying one side’s dead matters more than the other’s? Do I refuse to take sides?

Oh, I take sides, all right. It’s just that my side isn’t represented by the combatants.

Enough. Give up Israel. Give up Palestine. Give up the My side. Enough.

It’ll never work. Can’t have a homeland without a state. No, worse than that: Home must equal state. Which means you have to get out of my home-state.


This is the nationalism I hate, Ct. I know, unfair to tar all nationalism with violent exclusion, but this is how my knee jerks.

I’m workin’ on it. . . .



3 responses

1 01 2009

I’m trying to get my solution out there into public consciousness. I don’t care if I get credit for it. Here goes:

I call it the Two-year-old Solution. If you can’t play nice in the sandbox, nobody gets to play in the sandbox. Move EVERYBODY out of Israel. Give the Palestinians a state somewhere, give the Israelis a state somewhere else (far away), and turn Israel into a country-sized museum of human conflict and conflict resolution. No one who then lives and works there can have any emotional investment in either state. Here’s the test for this – talk about I/P relations and check the blood pressure. We can take donations: $1 per person from everybody on earth is a good start, I’m sure everyone wants this resolved. I’ll be happy to cover 49 people from a country that can’t afford a buck apiece. Someone on Daily Kos suggested giving Florida to the Jews – I’m happy with that.

I don’t believe each side is *equally* culpable, but neither side is doing itself any favors. Israel reminds me of a person who, having been abused, becomes the abuser. I know I’m not the only person who thinks that.

1 01 2009

I’ve thought of something along similar lines: Remove everyone from Israel and the Occupied Territories, place them all in a well-tended tent city in the desert, and tell them they can’t return until they figure out how to live together. While allowing them to set up makeshift churches, synagogues, and mosques, otherwise house them alphabetically by last name—i.e., not let them segregate by ethnicity, religion, or tribe. Set up schools and universities for all—again, no segregation.

In the meantime, import some Buddhists to live in and look after the land and infrastructure of Israel and the Territories. Allow chaperoned visits by religious figures to perform necessary rites, but don’t allow them to stay.

In short, force the Israelis and Palestinians to figure out if it is more important to win everything, to remain pure, or to live in the land, together.

It is entirely possible that they would rather live in the desert for decades.

But what do I know? I favor a single-state solution, perhaps mixed with some form of Levantine confederacy. The single-state solution has little support, a confederacy, likely none.

2 01 2009

I don’t think the single-state thing can ever work, especially not now there’s been so much blood spilled. I think they’ve demonstrated that already. I do like the idea of bringing in Buddhists, though. Maybe they can dilute the violence if we bring them in now.

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