Don’t do that

2 06 2009

Or, When not argue.

Like: right now.

I read one more goddamned post about the horrors in which that ‘abortionist’ (Thanks for the neutral language, Saletan!) engaged or how evil he was or that he was a mass murderer or that really, there hasn’t been THAT much anti-abortion violence or that what can you do when a cabal of 7 men on the Supreme Court conspired to undermine the will of the people with the Roe v. Wade decision so, really, what can those poor pro-lifers do but engage in violence—

by the way, without even ONCE fucking MENTIONING the women who CHOOSE to have abortions—

I will, in the immortal words of Suzanne Sugarbaker, get up in a tower and start shooting people.

And no, I won’t link to the goddamned sites in which these goddamned arguments/comments are being made because then I’d have to go read these goddamned arguments/comments all over again, and, well, we’ve already figured out what kind of mood we’re in, haven’t we?




2 responses

3 06 2009

You need to spend some time on some liberal blogs and cleanse your palate of that filth. Daily Kos had some nice tribute articles.

3 06 2009

Car wrecks. Can’t look away.

Besides, nice tributes or not, options for women have shrunk even further.

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