How low can you go

21 12 2013

I can be an idiot sometimes.

(Only sometimes? Oh hush, you.)

Yesterday TNC posted a piece on the Duck Patriarch‘s happy-darkie views of the pre-Civil Rights era South, and I, frustrated with another columnist’s views of the same avian papa, vented about that other columnist at TNC’s joint.

Not cool.

Now, had TNC’s piece been about that other columnist, my small steam-blow would have been fine, and given that he spoke generally about race, culture, and America, my vent wasn’t completely off-topic. But it was still low.

I don’t have a problem bitching about that other columnist (Rod Dreher, by the way) on this site: insofar as he offers his views publicly, I can publicly offer my views on his views. But taking to TNC’s site to side-swipe Dreher is low both because I mis-used TNC’s space and, indeed, side-swiped rather than taking Dreher on directly.

I’m like Dreher in at least one crucial respect: I am highly reactive, and given to going off at the hint of a possibility of a provocation. I don’t particularly like this about myself, and try to keep my rants down to once or twice a month, and/or trying (not always succeeding) in levitating the anger with humor.

Anyway, instead of disciplining myself into silence or taking Dreher full-on on my own site, I wandered over to someone else’s joint to spray my bile. Again, not cool, and low.

I may never be cool, but I can try not to be low.

This is for the wuc

3 08 2011

Ronnie Cheung, combat instructor, via Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World:

“That was crap,” Ronnie Cheung says, it was total crap. Are you some kind of huge-testicled ballet dancer under that uniform? Are you a fucking chorus girl in a red beret? If I strip you off, Sergeant Hordle, and don’t snigger because I can and we both know it, if I strip you down to your skivvies with my own two hands, which I wouldn’t, because I don’t know where you’ve been, but I have thoughts, will I find that you are wearing stockings and a bloody tutu? And lest you think, Sergeant, that I am impugning your sexuality, let me remind you that Billy Radigand from C Company was in here half an hour ago and nearly took my bloody head off and he is a poof, not to say a homosexual, not to say he sups on sausage rather than fish, but he is hard as nails! And you are softer than a baby’s arse! Now fuck off and practise!”

Hard not to like the guy.

Let’s all give a big round of applause. . .

4 11 2009

. . . to Ta-Nahisi Coates for reading Rod Dreher‘s Crunchy Con blog today.

Because I could not.

This is very good news for you, since it spares you my utterly uninteresting cursing at the fucking idiocy and overall candy-assed-ness of Sir Dreher, who wants to be able to discriminate against queers without being called on it.

Hey, just because I think gay marriage will ruin civilization doesn’t mean I deserve to be called a bigot.

No, I don’t know what he actually wrote, because, honest to betsy, I haven’t been able to stomach his self-serving no-fair-for-calling-me-a-bigot-just-cuz-I’m-acting-like-a-bigot bilge.

Yeah, I’ll read him tomorrow. But today, today I’m content to skip the content and go straight to the comment: You want to treat some people as lesser beings, then FUCKING OWN IT.

But he won’t.



Don’t do that

2 06 2009

Or, When not argue.

Like: right now.

I read one more goddamned post about the horrors in which that ‘abortionist’ (Thanks for the neutral language, Saletan!) engaged or how evil he was or that he was a mass murderer or that really, there hasn’t been THAT much anti-abortion violence or that what can you do when a cabal of 7 men on the Supreme Court conspired to undermine the will of the people with the Roe v. Wade decision so, really, what can those poor pro-lifers do but engage in violence—

by the way, without even ONCE fucking MENTIONING the women who CHOOSE to have abortions—

I will, in the immortal words of Suzanne Sugarbaker, get up in a tower and start shooting people.

And no, I won’t link to the goddamned sites in which these goddamned arguments/comments are being made because then I’d have to go read these goddamned arguments/comments all over again, and, well, we’ve already figured out what kind of mood we’re in, haven’t we?