This is for the wuc

3 08 2011

Ronnie Cheung, combat instructor, via Nick Harkaway’s The Gone-Away World:

“That was crap,” Ronnie Cheung says, it was total crap. Are you some kind of huge-testicled ballet dancer under that uniform? Are you a fucking chorus girl in a red beret? If I strip you off, Sergeant Hordle, and don’t snigger because I can and we both know it, if I strip you down to your skivvies with my own two hands, which I wouldn’t, because I don’t know where you’ve been, but I have thoughts, will I find that you are wearing stockings and a bloody tutu? And lest you think, Sergeant, that I am impugning your sexuality, let me remind you that Billy Radigand from C Company was in here half an hour ago and nearly took my bloody head off and he is a poof, not to say a homosexual, not to say he sups on sausage rather than fish, but he is hard as nails! And you are softer than a baby’s arse! Now fuck off and practise!”

Hard not to like the guy.

The Gone-Away World

13 10 2008

You haven’t read it yet?

Just, just go get the book and sit down and read it. Drink. Read.

Yes, you may guess some things (no, not that one, the older one) and be disappointed by another, but you’ll get over your disappointment and there’s more to come.

Okay, so you’ll be confused by this war and that war but don’t worry you’ll get it along the way maybe sooner than me maybe later but it all comes clear.

Guns on fireplaces in act one and yes it all follows the script but not quite the way thought but exactly so. Don’t worry if you know because the knowing doesn’t get in the way.

Drink. Read.

It starts out with a howl and you’ll be going Whaaa but that’s what the drink is for so just keep going. The wave is carrying you out and tumbling you over and you know what as soon as you stop worrying where your ass is you can say Hey, Alllll riiiiiiiight.

Funny, too. Keep reading.

Okay, so it lags in parts but that’s necessary because if it were perfect it wouldn’t be so good.

Keep reading. Keep drinking too if doing so won’t get in the way of the reading.

There are people and not-people and war and laughter and Oh, Heartbreak! in the middle-end and by the way pay attention to the clues at the beginning of the chapter but not too much attention.

Politics and plots and poignancy and yes even puppies and even when it’s familiar it’s unfamiliar enough not to be.

Stop worrying about sense because it all does make sense if you’d just let your senses go.

Allll riiiiiiight.

What are still doing reading this? This is not the book. Turn off the computer and get the book and read it.