Don’t look back

31 10 2009

Getting rid of my t.v. has not much altered my viewing habits.

Hulu. And CSI on CBS. (I’m still watching CSI: NY, but that may end. They’re turning the damned show into a blue-tinted CSI: Miami. One Horatio Caine is already too many.)

I’ve watched some Buffy and Angel and (guilty pleasure) Stargate SG1, along with a few episodes of the 21st c version of Battlestar Galactica. I watched the opener of FlashForward, but none since. Oh, and Stargate Universe, which is grim and intriguing and just a little bit boring.

The Good Wife is supposed to be good, as are Glee and Community, but I don’t know that I want to get snagged into anything else. I got shit to do, and I’m already finding too many ways to avoid doing it as it is.

I was a regular viewer of CSI et. al. before I stopped watching t.v. over a year ago, so I don’t really feel like I’m making any new commitments; even the new SGU feels more like a mash-up of the old SG1 and BSG.

Only FlashForward was at all new, and I watched that because I’d heard good things about it and was intrigued by the premise. But while the kickoff was mildly interesting, a part of me was thinking Do I really want to let myself get sucked back in? I was relieved to read that later episodes sucked.

Of the shows I watch, only two are still on the air (SGU & CSI); Buffy is disappearing from Hulu and I’m almost done with SG1.

So, no truly new shows, and a few old ones of which I’ve pretty much had my (re)fill.

But what about those old old shows—you know, like Lou Grant? Didn’t I write a little mash post to Lou Grant a month or so ago?

Haven’t watched it since.

I noticed today that the classic version of Bionic Woman is on Hulu—it shouldn’t surprise you that I loved that show as a kid—as are other shows I watched in my parents’ house. One Day at a Time. Partridge Family. Charlie’s Angels. Picket Fences. Hill St. Blues. St. Elswhere. Hell, a bunch of shows from my childhood and adolescence are on Hulu; I could spend any number of weekends gettin’ my nostalgia on.

Except. Except I don’t really want to.

It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy the shows again—I have no idea if I would—but that I don’t want to go back. I went through that time once, watched those shows then.


It might seem like I’m making too large a point about too small a matter—old t.v. shows—but I really don’t trust myself to look backward. It’s not about the time being good or bad; it’s about it being over.

Yes, I do look back, and am sometimes pulled back, but I always have to keep in mind that I live here, now. A little escapism is fine, as is a considered reflection on memory, but not too much, and preferably only if it helps me make sense of my life here, now.

I’m already sufficiently disoriented by my presence in the present. I don’t need to add to my distractions.



3 responses

2 11 2009

So glad I’m not the only one who thinks StarGate Universe needs to up the excitement level a bit.

I never could generate much interest in watching old TV shows. Except maybe early Simpsons, just because I see stuff in them I didn’t back in 1989. I’ll keep the TV, for now, but lately (and given how much the new seasons shows stink), I’m much happier turning it off and reading a book most days…

3 11 2009

I like the IDEA of watching old TV shows for nostalgia reasons, but really? Most of them don’t hold up. However, there are a few that do, and I’m sucked in all over again. The West Wing was so far ahead of its time in so many ways. I have it on DVD and drag those out but I also record it on Bravo every morning. I wish someone was replaying NYPD Blue because the writing, the cinematography, the acting were all amazing.

If you do decide to add a new show to your list (I don’t know if this is on Hulu or not) you have to watch Modern Family. It’s funny, smart and there’s no BS laugh track.

3 11 2009

I wasn’t terribly clear in the post: I’ll certainly watch shows from my ‘adult’ past, but I’m not so willing to plod back to childhood. So, YES! to ‘West Wing,’ no to ‘The Bionic Woman.’

(And yeah, I did love the show and it probably sucked and I don’t want to know that.)

Still, I watched MASH all through high school and into adulthood, and if I’m at my parents and it comes on, I’ll watch it. That may be the exception, tho’.

I’ll give ‘Modern Family’ a whirl, Mo—but if I don’t like I’m huntin’ you down and taking away your ginger martinis!

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