Falling catching up behind

22 03 2011

I am very grateful for this freelancing project but I wish it weren’t killing me.


I don’t understand why we’re bombing Libya.

I mean, I do, but I don’t.

What comes after?


dmf has kindly linked to Fish’s latest post on the Times‘s editorial page, but I am NOT in the mood for Fish right now.

He’s a smart and provocative thinker who I take seriously, which means I end up screeching at him when he says something not-smart and provocative.

Can’t take that right now (see first item).


Haven’t decided what to do about the Times‘s paywall.

I think they have every right to try to get money from folks like me who for the past number of years have given not one jot of money to them. And I’m ambivalent enough about workarounds (it seems like a cheat) that I’m, well, ambivalent about what to do.

I’ll probably end up ponying up.

We’ll see.


Given that I can’t read Fish right now I certainly can’t talk about all of the WOMEN-HATING SEX-NEGATIVE PUNITIVE OFFENSIVE CONDESCENDING PATRIARCHAL DANGEROUS POLITICALLY EXPEDIENT COMPLETELY FUCKED-UP BULLSHIT anti-abortion bills currently being considered or laws recently passed by any number of BACKASSWARD state legislatures.

So I won’t. Check RHReality Check, instead, and Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon is relentless, as well.


My poor kitties. I’m damned near chained to my computer and they are bored bored bored because I won’t play with them.

I’ll try harder, darlin’s, I will.


Yes, this is as far as I can think after unleashing thousands of words meant for someone else.

Truly, I am a ghost.




4 responses

23 03 2011

this time stanley sees the light and moves into it…

23 03 2011

I think Monday’s Daily Show “Freedom Packages” segment summed up the Libya thing rather nicely.

I feel ya on all the anti-abortion stuff. How ironic is it that the tea-partiers, who profess to want so little government intrusion into their lives (at least when it comes to income) seem to want the government so deeply involved in what happens in a woman’s womb? Amazing, and sad, where certain people draw the line…

23 03 2011

I found Angry Black Lady’s exceedingly long take on the Libya thing to be most excellent. http://www.angryblacklady.com/2011/03/22/libya-i-hardly-know-ya/

It’s long, but it’s both informative and funny, so there’s that. Plus: Eddie Izzard. So.

24 03 2011

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