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26 03 2011

Ima gonna start another blog. I think.

Yes, I already have two others—one for teaching and one for freelancing—but I’d like to set one up for my writing, one which is tied to my name. Although I’m still waffling on what to do with my writing, it probably wouldn’t kill me to have some kind of publicity page; print or electronic, writers gotta hustle.

I could use this blog, but I like the semi-anonymity of this joint. It’s not as if I’ve gone to great lengths to protect my identity*—I’ve eased waaaay up on that—but I don’t necessarily want this blog to be the first thing that pops up if someone runs a search on my name. I don’t think my students are all that interested in me and I doubt that any of my family members run searches on me, but I prefer the discretion afforded by pseudonymity, nonetheless.

So, the issue is: What to call the new blog? My given name is already taken, and first-initial-last-name has been reserved (I don’t think by me). I use a shortened version of my name for one of my e-mail addresses, so that’s a possibility.

Or I could go with something completely different. Oh, my name would be somewhere on the blog, but maybe I’d call it something completely different. One of my good poems is titled “Catching witches”; I considered that as a name.

I don’t know. The url can’t be too complicated, and should probably be SEO-friendly. And, what the hell, the title of the blog can be anything: I could register under shortened-version and call it something else.

Huh. I probably shouldn’t be thinking of this after 1:30 in the morning, and certainly not while I’m still hip-deep in this freelancing project. But, well, some shit’s happening with CUNY (namely, budget cuts) so I gotta get movin’ on other plans. I don’t really expect to make money slinging my own words, but, you know, if the stories are already cooked, why not serve ’em? I write to be read, after all.

Still: it’s after 1:30 in the morning.

I welcome your suggestions, whatever the time you read this.

*And chances are I would link the two blogs. Again, just that bit of distance between me and this moniker is all I want.



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26 03 2011

well until you get some name/brand recognition a blog-name that ties into your work would probably be better advertising (you may want to start commenting on other blogs with that tie-in/name), maybe even the title of your new book? what is your genre if you have one?
are you interested in not-for-profit work?

26 03 2011
26 03 2011

You make a good point: the url should bear some relationship to the work, as should the title. I tried out a couple of different possibilities, some of which were taken, some which just didn’t look right (as in: “shortenedversionswords.wordpress. . .”—which gave me “swords”; not what I was going for.) More dithering to do.

As for using that name to comment, well, I kinda like this whole absurdbeats thing. Yeah, from a marketing perspective it makes sense, but outside of TNC’s joint and a few other places, I’m not a commenting machine.

I dunno. Even more dithering, I guess.

(And yes, def. up for nonprofit work, if they’d have me.)

27 03 2011
27 03 2011

It’s a dilemma. I’ve always blogged under my pen name though everyone who knows me, knows it is me but it just gives me some space and protects to a small extent the kids. I have a website and a twitter account under my business name that aren’t linked to my blog which is more about my non-business persona. Recent articles on marketing have suggested that you need to have a named web presence. Not sure how to integrate all my web personalities without just going out and using my name. I live in a small town and I have conservative religious family members who might take offense at various things I write.

So really I don’t have any answers for you. I’d suggest picking a distinctive title, commenting using that name but having your real name somewhere on the new blog, perhaps in the about section.

So really I don’t have any answers for you. I’d suggest picking a distinctive title, commenting using that name but having your real name somewhere on the new blog, perhaps in the about section.

27 03 2011

Sorry about the repeated last paragraph. Some weird editing glitch.

27 03 2011

Hel-lo Ms Blithe! I was actually thinking of you earlier today, as I was thinking of a name which ends in “Press”—I was thinking of your Marburg story and then of stories in general and then of other writers I know and I was thinking (without pause, obviously) that I could use this Press as a forum in which other writers could publicize their works.

Unclear? Well, of course, because I’m not clear. But I like the idea of offering writers a place where they could say, Hey, here I am, check me out on my blog or on Smashwords or wherever. No charge, no fee—free exchange.

I don’t know where I’m going with all of this, but I’m not in that much of a hurry to follow what marketing experts have to say: I think they may be right about RIGHTNOW, but how long will this moment last?

And besides, someone has already taken my name. And besides besides, I’m fine with a fractured identity. If someone really wants to root me out, he can, but I also think plenty o’ folk are quite satisfied having access to only a slice of someone else’s life.

28 03 2011
Sorn Jessen

If you want you’re welcome to use my space. I could use another author, and it might be fun. I don’t know if you’d want to be associated with me as I don’t have your credentials, but the offer is on the table.

28 03 2011

I think having an anonymous outlet is always a good thing, especially in this day and age and the long history of the internet. Think of that girl from UCLA: the video she posted was a boneheaded mistake of youth, to be sure, but she’ll be haunted by it every time a potential employer Googles her for the rest of her life. So, yeah, sometimes I think anonymity is good. (Though, if you do create another blog, I’ll hope you’ll send me a link! LOL)

As for a title, I have no idea. Maybe go with the title of one of your novels, or play off of a theme that you find re-occurs in your work?

28 03 2011

I still have some freelance work squatting between me and this new blog, so I’m not exactly sure how it would all work out.

Sorn, thank you for the generous offer. Since I’m planning on this site as a place wherein I can publish some/publicize other of my fiction works, I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to clog up your joint with my stories.

Still, I’d gladly cross-list or offer a platform for any and all* works and sites on this new site—mo’ better publicity.

And GH, yep, I’d definitely link this site to the new one. I’d still keep my name off this site (again, that smidgen of distance for search engines), but if someone knows ‘realname’ wrote this, that’s fine.

*All: Well, not all. No spam, no supremacist crap, and probably no porn. (I don’t find the last one inherently objectionable, but that ain’t what I’m going for: talk about taking over a joint!)

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