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20 04 2011

I’ve got a bit of a situation here which I’ll probably maybe possibly but most likely probably will discuss when it’s resolved.

Nothing cataclysmic,  life-threatening, life-changing, traumatic, orgasmic (I wish!), or really anything that will mean much of anything once it’s been resolved.

It preoccupies me nonetheless.Which is why I mention it. And why I won’t say much more about it until. . . that’s right, it’s resolved.

Which should be soon.

At least one thing will be resolved. Soon.

Anyway. . . .



3 responses

20 04 2011

well whatever it is good luck with it, some days just getting one thing settled can feel like a shift in the tides

21 04 2011

Whatever it is, it must be adding stress, so I will wish the best of luck to you that it resolves quickly and in your favor!

22 04 2011

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