25 04 2011

Situation preliminarily resolved.

And no, I don’t really want to blog about it, at least not now. Given the amount of time I gave over to thinking about what was a (low-level) shitty situation, I’d just as soon move on to something else.

And yes! I do have ideas! Which I’ll blog about! . . . soon.




5 responses

25 04 2011

ideas over gossip, what is the internet coming to?

25 04 2011

Trying to get above—or, really, below—it all, all of the incredible nonsense which comprises our national politics.

I’ll fail, of course, but what the hell. . . .

26 04 2011

fail again fail better…

i’d be interested in hearing about your research into the dawning modernity

26 04 2011

st.fish making his one good point again, for sanity’s sake don’t read the comments:

26 04 2011

Don’t think there was any law saying that you had to blog about every little thing…

Glad to hear that the situation is resolved!

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