Jeffrey Wiesenfeld: Go fuck yourself

6 05 2011

Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld, trustee for the City University of New York, recently railed against playwright Tony Kushner for his alleged anti-Israel views.

That’s not why I invite him to go fuck himself.

This speech led the [boneheaded] CUNY trustees to withdraw—without hearing from the playwright himself—the honors John Jay College was to bestow upon Kushner.

That’s not why I invite him to go fuck himself.

No, it was this statement to New York Times reporter Jim Dwyer:

I tried to ask a question about the damage done by a short, one-sided discussion of vigorously debated aspects of Middle East politics, like the survival of Israel and the rights of the Palestinians, and which side was more callous toward human life, and who was most protective of it.

But Mr. Wiesenfeld interrupted and said the question was offensive because “the comparison sets up a moral equivalence.”

Equivalence between what and what? “Between the Palestinians and Israelis,” he said. “People who worship death for their children are not human.”

Did he mean the Palestinians were not human? “They have developed a culture which is unprecedented in human history,” he said.

That is why I invite Wiesenfeld to go fuck himself.

credit: Jim Dwyer, New York Times




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6 05 2011

you know Israel didn’t seem to go through the cultural upheavals of the youth-movements of the 60’s but I think that ours is starting to catch up to them and there may yet be a shift in US-Israeli relations that puts an effective end to such nonsense.

7 05 2011


9 05 2011

Oh fucking hell.

9 05 2011

And this man is a trustee for a university system which includes all kinds of people who think Palestinian people are, yep, people, as well as (shhh!) one or two actual Palestinian people!

It’s been awhile since I’ve used “oh fucking hell”—thanks for the reminder of the “oh for fuck’s sake” alternative!

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