Wait just a darned minute!

23 06 2011

Matt Yglesias:

In my experience as a professional political pundit, the study of political philosophy doesn’t get you very far in terms of illuminate real controversies even relative to other branches of philosophy.

I was going to go all umbragy, but then I remembered: he’s right—professional political pundits rarely bother to go very far into the study of political theory in ways which would help to illuminate real controversies.



4 responses

23 06 2011

well you can cross that option off of your potential career list

24 06 2011

Ben Barber and Amy Guttmann have it all sewn up, anyway.

24 06 2011

had to look them up but from what I can see you are better off doing your own thing

27 06 2011

Ugh, you wouldn’t want that career anyway. I mean, would you really want to go on Faux News?

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