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28 06 2011

Y’all know my general “fuck you/pay me” approach to, well, everything I don’t want to do which I don’t have to do, as well as to everything someone else wants from me which would profit him or her.

Nothing personal, but if you’re not a friend or charity or some other worthy civic organization, if you want something other than courtesy from me, you have to pay me.

(This general sensibility is not-unconnected to my “brand loyalty is for suckers” axiom, as well as to my disinclination to pay for merchandise which exists pretty much just as a brand, i.e., I won’t pay you to advertise your product.)

I still hold to all of that, even as I am quite happy to announce that I will be performing work for free for an institution which doesn’t fit any of my above exceptions.

I’m a-gonna be a Gallup household. More officially, I have been invited “to join our exclusive public opinion Panel of American households.”

Fuck yeah!

I don’t know why I’m so psyched about this. I long ago stopped answering most corporate surveys, and I’m one of those folk who, instead of writing a letter of complaint to the corporation behind a faulty product I purchased, simply bought something else the next time around. Why should I do your [customer service] work for you, I thought, and for free? But I am totally going to do Gallup’s work.

Maybe it’s because I’ve used Gallup polls in my own work, maybe it’s the fact that they do have a long and well-known history in polling, but, honestly, I’m psyched to think that someone as odd as me, with opinions as marginal as mine, is going to represent a data point on results “used to inform businesses, media, and government about Americans’ opinions and preferences.”

Okay, so I might end up in the error bin or disregarded as an outlier, but, y’know, if there are other odd folk with marginal opinions in Gallupland, we might be strong enough at least to be a blip on the opinion radar.

Can’t wait for that first survey.




5 responses

28 06 2011

That’s so cool! How did you get picked?

29 06 2011

enjoy, usually me liking a tv show is the kiss of death for a good pilot, they should hire me as some kind of antimarket indicator, do they cover web content now?

29 06 2011

So, does that mean when I write “The Life & Times of The GeekHiker – An Autobiography”, you’ll charge me to edit it? Noted…

You won’t be an outlier. Like me, you’ll just be the “plus or minus 3%”. 🙂

29 06 2011

@Christine: Have not a clue. The info they sent with the enrollment form stated that 50,000 households participate; I assume some sort o’ randomization is going on.

@Heh, I think I had your same “skill” back when I had a t.v. As for evaluating web content, I’ll find out.

@geekhiker. Well, darlink, if you got a bazillion dollar advance and wanted serious editing, I do hope you’d throw a few coins my way.

On a more serious note, it is sometimes tough to figure out when helping-a-friend morphs into hey-this-is-real-damned-work. Still, reading a friend’s draft and offering observations and suggestions: falls under friend exemption; line edits and fact-checking, well, that’s work. In between? Best to talk it over.

30 06 2011

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