This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco

30 06 2011

Tom Petty told Michele Bachmann to step away from his “American Girl” and use it nevermore on the campaign trail (to which I can only say, Right on!).

Anyway, this set off a number of musings on artists telling candidates mitts-offa-my-music, as well as attempts to match song to politician.

I am not now nor have I ever been a politician, but yes, I do have a song I’d use—I’d ask permission first—to accompany me on my Quixotic tilt at the windmills:

Really, is there a more perfect song for running for office?




3 responses

1 07 2011

well now that “nuclear option” is used for more than nukes, party @ ground zero?

2 07 2011
5 07 2011

Just let me know when you’re ‘runnin, so I can move to that state and vote for you. And sanity. Just ‘sayin.

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