All things weird and wonderful, 4

10 10 2011

Greil Marcus:

4) Townes van Zandt, “Coo Coo,” on Acoustic Blue (Tomato) A 1994 concert version from the late country songwriter: Never has “Coo Coo”–or “The Cuckoo,” or “The Coo Coo Bird,” or “Jack o’ Diamonds”–taken on such detail, such melodrama. Two minutes in and it’s not a song at all, it’s a western.

Real Life Rock Top 10, City Pages, February 11, 2004.

All things weird and wonderful, 3

10 10 2011


Suzy Becker, All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat

All things weird and wonderful, 2

10 10 2011

More Marlys!

An inspiration:


Multi-grain bread, olive oil, spicy mustard, extra sharp cheddar, fontina, and seasonings, all smashed waaaaay down.