All things weird and wonderful, 4

10 10 2011

Greil Marcus:

4) Townes van Zandt, “Coo Coo,” on Acoustic Blue (Tomato) A 1994 concert version from the late country songwriter: Never has “Coo Coo”–or “The Cuckoo,” or “The Coo Coo Bird,” or “Jack o’ Diamonds”–taken on such detail, such melodrama. Two minutes in and it’s not a song at all, it’s a western.

Real Life Rock Top 10, City Pages, February 11, 2004.



4 responses

11 10 2011
11 10 2011

so yes once again commenting too early in the morn and leaving the wrong tag, sorry

11 10 2011

yer an angel of mercy, foggy morning here inside and out

11 10 2011

another devotee of the weird and wonderful ms avital

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