Where we open up the floodgates

16 10 2011

Goes without saying, doesn’t it?




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17 10 2011

17 10 2011

Nice! But it’s tough to beat the original. . . .

24 10 2011

Ahhh….the hint (album) of a sellout. “if only REM was popular and everyone could hear them!” Be careful what you wish for…

Fun times 1987. I’d go back in a second. Maybe just for the free food…oh and so much more.

24 10 2011

@BJ: I was referring to the Leonard Cohen version. As for selling out, well, “Automatic for the People” was a GREAT album.

1987? Not the best year for me. . . .

25 10 2011

I know you were but I couldn’t resist the original, BECAUSE it was so good. I still bought the ones that came after, felt like I should or something…they never lived up.

Maybe 2012 is your year…hang in there kid!

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