3 01 2012


Coudal Partners, “History of the Earth in 24 Hours”, via The Daily Dish



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6 01 2012

The funny thing is; they overestimated our existence. Given the estimated age of the earth, we’ve been here about four seconds on the 24 hour clock.

The Dino’s lasted tens of millions of years…we’ve been here for about 200,000. While they had no chance to dodge the meteor (like we do? Hmmmm….) you have to admit they are far superior in one way; duration. We will destroy ourselves before wil hit a million.

Hey, have a nice weekend!

8 01 2012

I wonder where they start the “human” clock—at the emergence of Homo sapiens sapiens, or that of the genus generally; that might account for the discrepancy.

Bugs’ll outlive us all.

8 01 2012

“homo” was 2 million years ago (40 seconds); Lucy and the like. Homo sapien was 200,000 (4 seconds.)

Regardless; you’re right. Infections are on the rise, antibiotics less effective. The bugs will win, and the cockroaches will be here to watch it all.

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