All things weird and wonderful, 14

11 01 2012

Be Good Tanyas over under around thru Townes van Zandt:

A friend who booked the BGTs to his venue observed that they fought like hell with one another. And then they got on stage.

That Townes, he influenced all the right people.



2 responses

12 01 2012
Pete from Baltimore

At the risk of appearing ignorant, i must admit that i have never heard of this band before. After listening to the video that you posted,[which i really liked] i am going to look for more videos of them on youtube. Thanks for making me aware of them

16 01 2012

So much out there, pete—how could we not be ignorant?

They were big—well, big as a weird indie alt-country-folk band can get—in the early 2000s. I have their first two cds, then they broke up and at least one of them came out with her own cd, then I heard they got back together, so, y’know, I’m ignorant as to where they are now.

Anyway, it’s lovely stuff. Also, have you heard of Hem? I posted a (really terrible) video of a really lovely song (“Redwing”) of theirs a while ago. They do both covers and write their own stuff, and have a similar kind of vibe (tho’ not quite the same sound) as the Be Good Tanyas.

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