All things weird and wonderful, 16

3 02 2012

Joe's 5th Semi-Annual Beer Tasting Party!

I don’t even remember if I attended this event, but I loved the invite, by host/artist Kathy Radke.

At least, I think it’s Kathy Radke Rathke—I can’t remember if I got her name right. Anyway, she was a fucking amazing graphics artist for The Daily Cardinal, a small, blonde, impish woman on a graphics staff that was, hmm, yes I believe it was all men. She was the graphics editor for awhile, and the menfolk—I’m thinkin’ of John Kovalic and Mark Giaimo (on whom I had a huge crush, and who was so out of my league in every way), in particular—who liked to get chesty with one another and anyone else, all bowed before Kathy’s  fierce talent and sly dry wit.

Sly: yes, Kathy was sly. As political as the rest of us (the Cardinal, back in the day, always had a Marxist editor), she paid attention, and led with absurdity.

She was an inspiration.

One final memory: At my first Cardinal party Kathy’s younger sister and I got drunk and sang Shirley Bassey tunes, enjoying ourselves immensely crooning “GolllllllllllldddddddFINguh!”

So. I don’t know where Kathy is, but I hope she’s absurdly well.




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3 02 2012

This is hysterical. Who is this? John Kovalic just shared this with me, I am the “Goldfinger” singing little sister, and I still sing it pretty goddamn often. This is nuts! You saved the invite!
Kathryn is still fantastic and is a successful illustrator. You would still be inspired by her!

3 02 2012

Oh my god! It’s you! I still remember that night, even if I can’t remember your name!

I’m the short woman who worked both for the arts and editorial pages—had a column called “Beats Working”. (As to my name, you can find it if you click on the link to “The Unexpected Neighbor”, why, that author’d be me.)

Why did I save this invitation? Because it is hysterical, and unlike anything else. Irreplaceable.

I’m glad to hear Kathryn is well and doing well, and I hope you are, too.

3 02 2012

Clicking on “Unexpected Neighbor” and…

Oh! HEY! Hi! It’s you! Long time! 🙂

3 02 2012

Hey Mr. John! I’ve been lurking at your space on and off for a couple of years—I particularly enjoyed the story of your proposal to your wife.

And I still have an old—autographed!—copy of your first Wild Life compilation hanging around here somewhere.

Always good to hear from an old friend.

3 02 2012

Indeed it is!

And that Kurosawa review should be in any day now! Honest!


14 11 2012
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