SOTU, k-e-y, m-o-u-s-e

12 02 2013

I missed it.

No, not the State of the Union—listened/watched on the computer—but the INFAMOUS moment when Senator Rubio stepped to the side to suck down a quick hit o’ Poland Springs water.

That’s what I get for trying to get through my daily online reading while THE WHOLE NATION WATCHES the Christopher Dorner standoff president say “hey”, and the opposition say “nuh-uh!”

Whatever. The president’s speech was fine, better than his previous SOTUs, and while Rubio’s was “eh”, it wasn’t Jindal-level disastrous. And yeah, even this “the-peformance-of-politics-matters” blogger thinks that taking a drink of water is no big deal, and certainly better than an extended dry-hack.

Still, dude: set the water bottle closer next time.

Or, if you really are concerned about appearances, go with a plain o’ glass of ice water: you won’t make that pucker-face that you do when pulling off a water bottle.

Not dignified, man, not dignified.




2 responses

13 02 2013

at least he wasn’t giving the teabagger response, talk about being pucker-faced…

14 02 2013

The water wasn’t what I noticed as much as the constant wiping of sweat from brow and mouth. Still, I rather cut the guy a break: unlike the President, who gets those nice applause breaks, this guy was just in an empty studio facing a camera.

Now as for the “nope, we’re not gonna change a thing about our policies” content of the speech…

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