Valentine’s day is over

14 02 2013

Valentine’s Day. Eh.

When I was a kid my dad would buy treats for all of us for Valentine’s Day, so I was WHOO! VALENTINE’S DAY.

Then I got older and hated everything, so VALENTINE’S DAY, BOO!

Then I got even older and skeptical of corporate interest and manufactured holidays, so Valentine’s Day, how gauche.

Then I got older still and said, yeah, it’s manufactured and commercial, but if it gets you chocolate and kisses, well, what the hell, have at it. And if not, eh.

Anyway, a coupla’ vids for whatever mood you’re in:

Oh, Billy. . .

Gotta love the fish-sticks.

I don’t know if they were a one-hit wonder or not, but this is a fine pop song—although I wonder how many might not know what a “cassette tape” is.

The desperation in this song is so. . . fetching.

Because if I ever think love might even be possible for me, this might be a nice way to experience it.

Kisses to all.





4 responses

15 02 2013

Heh – I have no idea if I should be wishing you a Happy Valentines Day, or raising a glass, saying “eh”, and wishing for its demise. 🙂

15 02 2013

Cardigans – at 3:00, the spoken “Say that you love me” gets me every time. It can be funny (like “put the lotion in the basket”) or desperate (like “bring you over here right now”) or heartfelt ( like “I enjoy watching you say it.”)

Poi Dog – It’s that and so much more. The unique smell that person leaves on you; saying things you’ve heard them say; privately wondering if they’re thinking about you at the same time you’re thinking about them; and the biggest one of all…the benefit of the doubt. Knowing that all your flaws are something adorable and excusable in their mind.

You’ll know it’s the right person when neither of you see a need for Valentines Day, because every day is meaningful.

Of course it’s possible. Hang in there. Happy “Glad it’s Over” Day.

15 02 2013

17 02 2013

@BJ: That’s lovely.

@dmf: Well, next year I’ll be able to use that vid.

And @gh, we’ll survive either way. Tho’ the pints always help. . . .

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