This isn’t a court of justice, son, this is a court of law

14 07 2013

So in the eyes of the law George Zimmerman is not a murderer.

This grown-ass man who followed a teenager, got out of his truck to confront him after explicitly being told not to by the police dispatcher, ended up in fight with him, then shot him, is not a murderer in the eyes of the law.

George Zimmerman followed, shot, and killed Trayvon Martin, but in the eyes of the law, he is not a murderer.

The law, as the saying goes, is an ass.

George Zimmerman may not be a murderer, but he is a killer. He killed a young man, he killed Trayvon Martin, and while the jury may acquit him of murder, it cannot take away the deed itself.

George Zimmerman may not be murderer, but he is killer. He will always be a killer.

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14 07 2013

have we had enough of “stand your ground” or is this yet another reason to avoid confederate states at all costs…

14 07 2013
14 07 2013

Given what’s happening in Ohio and Wisconsin, I think we can say that the ghost of the confederacy is moving north.

As for this terrible law, given the shitbag state of Florida politics, I have no hope of any change. The question is whether this will put other states off stand-your-ground laws, or make them more enticing.

20 08 2013
Royce Lerwick

Do some reading. Trayvon Martin’s death had nothing to do with “stand your ground,” and black defendants in Florida use that defense far more often than white, so you’d only be hurting black defendants by eradicating it. Trayvon died due to a “nigga moment, and you don’t get to “ass whoop” Whitey just because he’s keeping an eye on you. And if you’re milling around under other people’s awnings in a neighborhood where nobody knows you, in the dark, in the rain, for an hour, dressed in the local thug costume, you’re going to look “suspicious.” Lesson: Whitey sometimes has a gun. If you know for a fact that you don’t have one, go home to your adulterous daddy’s adulterous girlfriend’s crip and eat the Skittles and make your Purple Drank.

20 08 2013
Royce Lerwick

Freudian slip. I typed; “Crip.” Yo Tracy. Word.

20 08 2013

Royce, I don’t know how I ever managed to get through life without access to your scintillating insights.

If you want to disagree with me, fine, but keep the racist shit out of it. And if you can’t keep the racist shit out of your disagreement, then just keep it all to yourself.

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