I hate the asshole I’ve become

9 08 2013

No, wait, this guy probably doesn’t even know he’s an asshole:

In a video of the event posted by ThinkProgress, the freshman Republican [Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.)] said he was in Crystal City, Va., buying groceries in a nice but crowded store when he noticed something strange.

“Every lane was open and it was backed up and I noticed everybody was giving that card,” Mullin said, apparently referring to the electronic benefit transfer cards most states use to distribute food stamps. “They had these huge baskets, and I realized it was the first of the month.”

In Virginia, food stamp benefits are automatically deposited on the first of the month for anyone whose case number ends in zero, one, two or three.

“But then I’m looking over, and there’s a couple beside me,” Mullin continued. “This guy was built like a brick house. I mean he had muscles all over him. He was in a little tank top and pair of shorts and really nice Nike shoes. And she was standing there, and she was all in shape and she looked like she had just come from a fitness program. She was in the spandex, and you know, they were both physically fit. And they go up in front of me and they pay with that card.”

Mullin knew what he’d witnessed. “Fraud,” he said. “Absolute 100 percent, all of it is fraud. There’s fraud all through that.”

That’s right, because if you’re poor you must wear rags and have your bones poking through your skin.

Also, no one who’s ever not been poor becomes poor, so there’s no way that those people could have bought that stuff when they weren’t poor.

Nor did they get them as gifts, or at an outlet, or from a clothing give-away.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be acceptable for that couple to have purchased that stuff because, goddammit, poverty sucks and once in a while you just want something, anything, nice to remind yourself that you’re not worthless and deserve to live as a human being.

No, if you’re poor, you must visibly suffer in every way.

So that the not-poor can feel righteous in their generosity.




4 responses

10 08 2013

well and self-righteous in their callous disregard for human suffering…

30 08 2013

What a jackass! Mullin is your typical stereotyping redneck. Message to District 2 in Oklahoma: you better not workout if your on food stamps. Mullin is going to call you a fraud (pot calling the kettle black, by the way). He’s going to come after you. Your best bet is to look like sheeeet and you’ll be protected, because as you know poor people are suppose to look a certain way.

30 08 2013

By the way, I heard there was another republican candidate that will be running for his seat. He’s a Combat Veteran, and what I’m hearing he is bright. Thank goodness! Get this train wreck bastard out of congress.

1 09 2013

Ohh, I hope the opponent is not just bright but also sane: one can work with sane conservatives.

As for looking terrible, I think you’re right, but then there’s the whole “well, if he cleaned himself up and maybe starting taking care of himself he could get a job.” Can’t win.

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