I see danger come

12 08 2013

If you’re unwilling to allow the police to detain young black and brown men for being young black and brown men then you make “our city a more dangerous place.”

And if you’re unwilling to allow the state to confine men away from any human contact for years at a time, then you apparently want convicts “to restore their ability to terrorize fellow prisoners, prison staff and communities throughout California.”

An open society needs effective enforcement of the law and allows that those who break the law be separated from society.

There must be some way to accomplish both without disregarding the rights of the free members of that society or disregarding the humanity of its imprisoned members.

Those who believe we cannot? You got it: fear-mongering authoritarian rat-bastards.


12 08 2013

What Charlie Pierce said:

Over on CBS, former Toussaint L’Ouverture embed Bob Schieffer talked a lot of NSA with a lot of people whose careers depended on the surveillance state, but managed to keep his show blessedly free of fringe congresscritters. But General Michael Hayden admitted that he got a little a’skeer’ed a couple of weeks ago when democracy threatened to break out in the House over the NSA programs.

GENERAL MICHAEL HAYDEN: You’re referring to the vote, on a twelve-vote margin a couple of weeks back. Bob, that wasn’t— that wasn’t regular order. That wasn’t thoughtful procedure. Let me be a little critical here, all right. That looked a lot like mob action. I mean people acting out of emotion with a false sense of urgency, and with a great deal of misinformation.

I’m not great fan of the House Of Representatives as it is presently constituted. There’s far too much Gohmertian nonsense for my taste, but when a career spook starts talking about a perfectly legitimate legislative process as a “mob action,” I find that I have better things to be nervous about than Steve King.

And need I point out the General Fear-Mongerer had no problem with “emotion” and “a great deal of misinformation” in the passage of the PATRIOT Act, nor with “a false sense of urgency” in the run-up to the Iraq War?

Rat bastard in a uniform.

And if you complain once more

12 08 2013

Ahhh, irony.

Remember Citizens United? No, not the Supreme Court case that led to the tsunami of unregulated cash into elections (that would be Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission); no, this would be the group conservative political group which produced Hillary: The Movie, which dispute over its airing led to that Supreme Court decision.

Guess who supported that decision?

Guess who’s now whining about a planned NBC/Fox Hillary biopic?

Rat bastards, every last one of them, and the fact that mainstream television journalists are letting themselves get played by these whingeing little candy-ass conservatives. . . should lead thinking folk everywhere to follow the example of our northern SCTV brethren and toss their tubes out the window.