I’m looking at ghosts and empties

13 08 2013

So I was reading FrontPage. . .

. . .no, no, not what you think. I wasn’t juicing on the rightist crazy: I clicked over from Sullivan to read a rightist critique of a BOLSHEVIKS-IN-THE-BATHROOM!!!!! history of FDR, Truman, and WWII.

And then, as long as I was there—hey, it’s been years since I last stopped by—I thought I’d amble through the comments.

Oh my.

Which led me to wonder: Are there leftist crazy sites similar to those on the right? Something akin to Free Republic or FrontPage or organizations like American Family Association?

I mean, there must be—not because of any both-sides-do-it horseshit, but because political-crazy is a general affliction, and thus can infect anyone who sups from the political stew.

(And note I’m not talking about sites which go all-in in their criticisms of the other side: scorched-earth polemics aren’t necessarily nutty—although I think an inability to think in whispers or pauses might predispose one to the political-crazy.)

I’ve certainly seen individual commenters offer up leftist gibberish, but I don’t know how much purchase they have on the pink side of the spectrum. And conspiracists tend to get shut down pretty damned quickly. dismissed for their lack of reason and evidence, at least on the leftist sites I do read. In any case, the nutter and gibberers tend to write in the comments, not under the masthead.

The one group I can think of that might have some kind of wider play are the anti-vaxxers and anti-med-establishment folk; this movement isn’t really right or left, but it certainly has plenty of people who might otherwise fit within a left/liberal worldview.

But other than that? I dunno—I really don’t. But they gotta be out there, right? Er, left? Grr, correct? Correct.

You know what I mean.




One response

14 08 2013

oh there are plenty out there but for a more mainstreamish version see:
who can see ghosts behind the machines as well as any mad-tea-partier

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