All night long

2 09 2013

I gambled and lost.

‘Tis the night before the West Indian parade down Eastern Parkway—which means the night-before parade down Nostrand. It got going full blast within the past 20 minutes or so, i.e., about twenty past one.

And the gamble? There was a decent chance at rain, so I decided against calling C. and asking to bunk at her joint for the night.

Ah, well. Perhaps it will rain later.




2 responses

2 09 2013

ouch, that’s not good for the migraines…

2 09 2013

My migraine mostly faded by Saturday night, so it wasn’t so bad.

And, honestly, last night wasn’t so bad, either. I don’t know if the midnight parade had been cancelled/scaled back due to the forecasted rain, but, in a switch from last year, it was mostly quiet, punctuated by the occasional stereo-truck blasting songs to be heard on the moon or, toward dawn, marching bands, rather than the other way around.

Last year, it was all night—and then all day, so couldn’t even nap to catch up. This year, again, mostly quiet.

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