Everybody wants a box of chocolates, 12

2 11 2014

This is what every left-thinking political actor should say whenever any right-thinking political actor worries about higher wages among the lower classes:

“I understand. . . companies have to make money. They don’t have to make it all”

This bit of clear-thinking is courtesy of retired coal miner Charles Tipton.

Mr. Tipton is a wise man.





3 responses

2 11 2014

So they don’t have to set up a fake headquarters in a corporate friendly state or send profits offshore? Nawww.

I think about this some. Listening to the radio the other day, most of the stories were about the economy, the record high for the DOW and whatnot. Perhaps there’s a case for saying all this shit comes naturally, but still it’s a human invention and we’re completely consumed by it. It’s like the equivalent of gods and the economists are our shamans.

2 11 2014

clearly a godless communist flunky

3 11 2014

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