What a drag it is getting old

31 12 2014

Hey kids, what kind of fun are you going to have tonight?

Yer not out partying or else you wouldn’t be reading my rambling bits—so maybe you’re like me, sacked out on your (new-to-you!) loveseat, drinking beer (and maybe later, whisky) and watching bad t.v. shows and/or movies you’ve seen before, on Netflix.


Well, I will celebrate—not New Year’s, just the end of the evening—with my cats later. After I shut down the computer and turn off the lights, the critters run to the bathroom for big fun: Trickster yells at me until I set the faucet dribble to just the right rate of runny-ness, and when Jasper hears me scraping out the catbox (TMI?), he jumps in the tub and bats down the foam golf ball I’ve set atop the unused soap dish, and waits.

Yes, people, it is not even 2015 and I have discovered a great cat toy in the golf section!

Big Red Box Store was out of the foam cat toys, so I wandered over to the sports section on the off chance they’d have ping pong balls. No dice (which was probably good, as the noise those things make is annoying as hell), but I espied these foam golf practice balls.

I was intrigued.

I looked at golf wiffle balls, but came back to the foamers. They were light. They had give.

They were cheaper than the foam cat balls.


Now, if you’ve used the foam cat balls, you know they kind of go dead after awhile, and then dry out completely after a greater while. That may happen with these things—lemme see if I can find a picture. . .okay, here one is:

Only mine’s in yellow, because orange isn’t my color. (Okay, yellow isn’t either, but but that’s all they had. And besides, it makes it easier to find underneath the new-to-me loveseat.)

. . . but the denser material makes me think it may last longer.

The real bonus is that, unlike the foam cat-balls (stop thinking that, you perv), these can get wet without getting gross. Which means I can leave in the tub for Jasper to play with without worrying about fungi or general disgusting-ness.

Since I’ve put one in the tub for Jasper, he now expects me to bat one around with him for 5 or ten minutes every night before bed.

Exciting, I know. And I wonder why I don’t have boy- or girlfriend.

Anyway, happy feckin’ new year to youse, however you may celebrate it.




9 responses

31 12 2014

They’ll take a good beating, I imagine. Those things are bad for golf, though. I used to hit around the hard plastic ones and it’s difficult to tell if you’ve connected with the ball properly or not, how far it would go. Anyway, a good night to you.

1 01 2015

back at ya cat-lady

1 01 2015
1 01 2015

@tcb: My folks are mondo golfers, and as I kid I’d whack away at the wiffle golf balls. As I was looking for pics of the Callaway foam balls I read some of the reviews of foam golf balls generally, and they tend to get high marks—tho’ with the caution that those suckers sail far longer than expected.

I just like that they’re cheaper and apparently sturdier than the cat toys.

1 01 2015

@dmf And how did your move go? Settled in?

2 01 2015

well moved and unpacked but now in a sort of stripmall/corporatepark/apartmentcomplex frankensteinish neighborhood, luckily there is a park nearby to walk in.

13 01 2015

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