And I said shit

1 01 2015

In terms of -shit ipithets, there’s:

  • bullshit (the old standby)
  • horseshit (which I prefer to bullshit, tho’ BS works better than HS)
  • chickenshit (not used nearly often enough; I tend to use “candy ass” instead)
  • batshit (I particularly liked this term, tho’ stopped using it during the “batshit crazy” overload, which seems to have abated somewhat)
  • apeshit

Aaaand, what else? Charlie Pierce refers to “gobshites”, which I think could be included here, but this can’t exhaust the category of -shit suffixed derogations, can it?

I mean, there are the surging “shitheel” and “shitbag” (fine terms—alas, heading/already into overuse), but those are prefixed terms; what other suffixed ones?

“Pigshit”, maybe, tho’ I think that’s pushing it.

What is it that sends one kind of -shit into a jeer, while others remain mere descriptors of a particular creatures leavings? Why not “ratshit” or “yakshit” or “hipposhit”? “Weaselshit” or “camelshit” or why not “chupacabrashit?”

I’d guess there are more -shits out there, embedded in other languages and cultures, which haven’t yet percolated their way into English, or into the English that I run into on a regular basis.

Yeah, there’s probably a website out there somewhere which chronicles this, um, shit, but sometimes it’s nice to just shoot the. . . shit, without getting all academic about it.

Or maybe I’m just too much of a lazy shit to look it up.




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