The world is unfair, wah

21 06 2015

Sore back, abscess, broken tooth, and broken fridge.

Great fuckin’ start to summer.



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22 06 2015

would make me cry 4 realz, hope it turns around, don’t suppose you have the luxury of dental insurance?

22 06 2015

Yes! For the first time in. . . man, probably since Montreal (yay Quebec Medicare!). My union and the state finally settled benefit negotiations last summer, so this past fall I was able to enroll.

Of course, even with insurance, I took a hit on the surgical copays. And with my cancelled class, well, I’m a hurtin’ Badger.

Still, glad I got it taken care of. Hurts like a sumbitch now (Target didn’t have in stock the prescribed narcotic), but Tylenol oughtta take off enough of the edge so that I can sleep. A week of antibiotics, and I should be good—dentally if not financially.

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