Circus Maximus MMXVI: Under pressure

8 11 2016

1:01: Time to go to bed and lie awake, stunned. Good night, all.

12:53: I’ve said before, for different events, that “I will no longer predict. . . .”

Adding presidential elections to that list.

I mean, I accepted the possibility that Trump, as the Republican nominee, had a shot, but I never believed it. I can say I was following the polls, which showed Clinton the likely winner, but, again, I didn’t believe he would end up the winner.

12:23: I’m sorry for Hillary Clinton, sorry for those modest gains I thought I could look forward to, and devastated with what we will lose with the Republicans in charge.

And devastated for all the people who have been targets, who will be targets, of the presumptive president.

12:16: All right, Republicans, this is on you. You’re in charge now, so let’s see if you can keep it together.

12:14: We’ll survive this, but not without pain, great pain and suffering.

12:07: President Donald Trump. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Speaker not-Ryan.

I was so, so goddamned wrong. Jesus christ. I ignored the polls showing Trump strength in the primaries, and paid attention to polls showing Clinton doing well. I thought I was being responsible.

But I also couldn’t believe that that many people wanted this intemperate incompetent to be president, that this many people hated Hillary Clinton.

I was so goddamned wrong.

11:36: Trump’s going to take Wisconsin. Goddammit.

11:34: They’re going to have all three branches of government. And an open Supreme Court seat.

11:27: I wrote a while ago that I didn’t think that most white people wanted to be racist, wouldn’t celebrate it.

I know, I know, #notallTrumpvotersareracist, but an awful lot of them don’t care that an awful lot of them are.

11:08: I’m ’bout ready to cry.

10:58: I’m going to be one of the wailers, aren’t I? One who’s going to have to recognize the legitimacy of a man who would be a terrible, terrible president.

10:43:Looking at that Times map, where Clinton needs 161 to get to 270:

  • CA-WA-OR will go Clinton, 74.
  • CO, leaning Clinton, 9 (83)
  • HI will go Clinton, 4 (87)
  • VA, leaning Clinton, 13 (100)
  • PA, leaning Clinton, 20 (120)
  • ME, leaning Clinton, 4 (124)
  • MN, leaning Clinton, 10 (134)

Possible pickups, too soon to tell:

  • MI (leaning Trump), 16
  • WI (leaning Trump), 10
  • IA (leaning Clinton), 4
  • NV (1% reporting), 6

She needs all of these to go for her. Jesus fucking christ.

10:37: I’m obsessing over the NYTimes live update map. Come on, Wisconsin and Michigan! COME ON!

10:24: I am freaking the fuck out.

~10:00: Jesus Christ, this thing is far too close.

Jesus Christ.




3 responses

8 11 2016
8 11 2016

white nationalism wins the day? wtf…

9 11 2016

Yes, David Duke’s favorite candidate is gonna win.

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