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24 11 2009

A taxonomy of terror?

Yes, again with the apocalyptic and/or dystopic pics and books. Blame a conversation with my friend, S.

So, to categorize:

I. Caused by:
A. Collapse
i. slow-motion
ii. sudden
B. Violence
i. natural
a. arising from natural forces
b. arising from altered nature
ii. inflicted
a. by humans
b. by non-humans
c. by supernatural forces

II. Threatened:
A. Avoidable
i. due to intervention by many
ii. due to intervention by few [n.b. S. doesn’t think this should count]
iii. due to supernatural intervention
iv. due to luck
B. Unavoidable
i. due to luck
ii. predestined

III. Post-apocalypse (SEE ALSO: Dystopia]
A. Immediately post-
i. happy-to-have-survived
ii. continued survival uncertain
B. Intermediate post-
i. reconstruction begun
ii. further collapse
C. Long-term post-
i. reconstruction complete
a. society similar to pre-apocalypse
b. society better than pre-
c. society worse than pre-
d. society different from pre-
ii. reconstruction amidst chaos
iii. chaos
iv. no life

(Crap. I’ve GOT to learn html so I can space all this stuff correctly. But you get the idea.)

Tomorrow (or, you know, whenever): Dystopia




5 responses

24 11 2009

Could you do it as a flow chart, do you think? Would that make sense?

24 11 2009

Oh, man, you should totally do this as a flow chart, then submit it to GraphJam!

24 11 2009

Well, I gotta get the Dystopia chart done first, in part because there will be points of possible intersection—lotsa flows.

Unless, of course, the laziness gets me.

Or (*cough*) one of you wants to run with it.

26 11 2009

I might, it would be helpful to me and it might also be amusing. And I have Visio. 🙂 How fun would it be, to have it on Graphjam, I love that site!

26 11 2009

Reminds me, inevitably, of the How to Write a Science Fiction Novel flow chart, which I can’t find online, incredibly.

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