On the occasion of emptying my mind and taking deep breaths and otherwise trying to make it through

6 12 2010

Or, my parents visiting:

It was fine.



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6 12 2010

glad to hear it, we can sure pull some mindtrips on our selves.

7 12 2010

Glad to hear things went well. My parents stayed with me for a MONTH earlier this year. Apparently it was one of the best holidays they have had. I have needed a holiday ever since to recover from it.

7 12 2010

I saw the headline and thought “Oh my goodness!” and clicked through and laughed.

I’m so glad it was fine! “They fuck you up, your mum and dad, they don’t mean to, but they do.”

7 12 2010

pardon the cross blog jack but i was puzzled by this distinction “I’m trying to understand if an interest is simply what one wants, or if there is something beyond the merely subjective—perhaps a larger purpose, or something which extends beyond one’s lifespan (e.g., as in a concern for the debt or the environment). ” that you made, how does it counter the article/book thesis if want I want (my interest) is limited to my lifetime or has some longer impact? isn’t it still based in my being interested in it (and then advocating for it) vs some ontological/objective neccesity?

7 12 2010

pls ignore the above i’m buried under several feet of snow and haven’t seen the sun in days, makes me a bit punchy…

7 12 2010

@Blithe: A month? A MONTH?! Ye gads, the downsides of enlarging one’s house. . . .

In general, yes, it was fine. We were all on our best behavior with one another, appropriately solicitous and willing to work with one another. (So, yes, it was work, for each of us.)

As to the question of interest, I was trying and failing to distinguish between some notion of self(ish)-interest (which is often, tho’ not only, material) and an interest in others [which is not merely about advancing one’s self-interest]. That we have interests in our interests makes this devilishly difficult to discuss.

8 12 2010

Heh, was it really “fine”? Cuz every time I hear a woman say fine, I’m reminded of stand-up comic Craig Shoemaker’s joke: “if she says “fine”, you’re “f*cked”.

Wish me luck with my own Parentage in a couple of weeks!

8 12 2010

@gh: No comment. And good luck.

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